Hello Designers and Makers

We offer a range of professional services designer/makers and fashion students.

You can choose a full development package where we will work with you to develop your designs from your drawings into fully realised garments with a complete tech pack.
Or you may just want your samples made or a pattern graded
Either way we are happy to help

Pattern Cutting

Pattern cutting is an important and stage of a garment’s  development. It requires creativity and the ability to interpret a designers vision into a 3D garment as well as an understanding of body shape/movement and garment construction methods.

An initial free, no-obligation consultation is included as part of our service. This allows us to get to know each other, understand your vision and needs as well as discuss budget, schedule and payment terms. An estimate will be emailed to you after the initial consultation.

Production of sample garments

Sampling is part of the creative process as well as the development process. While it can be one of the most expensive of the processes it can save money in the long run as samples can effect your future sales and compromise production standards.

We can produce your first development or prototype samples, sales or photographic samples, and sealed samples for factory production.

As each design and garment is different we are unable to provide a price list for our sample services.  We can however provide you with an estimate based on your technical drawings and garment pattern. Our hourly rate is £25.


Grading is the method used to create a range of sizes from a fully developed garment pattern prior to manufacturing.

We would advise that you need to be 100% sure that your pattern is perfect, with regards to the design, fit and construction methods before asking us to grade it. You can consult with your pattern maker and sample machinist or use our pattern checking and sampling service to spot issues before grading

Our grading charges are based on the number of pattern pieces and sizes to be graded. We have a minimum charge of three sizes is for grading and the price per size is based on the number of pattern pieces and complexity of the garment.

Measurement Specification sheets & Tech packs

A Tech pack is an information package that is used as a blueprint for your sample production, as it contains all the necessary components required to manufacture it and can form part of your contract with a factory.

The benefits of a Tech pack:
– Will enable the costing process to be more efficient
– To provide POMs (points of measure) to be used to check measurements against the finished garment.
– Prevents costly mistakes being made in the sampling and production process

If the factory chooses to ignore any of the information in the pack, and do their own thing, they will be at fault not you.

We recommend that you should at least invest in a Measurement Spec sheet as this provides POMs (points of measure) to be used to check measurements against the finished garment. This is needed to ensure consistency of fit for each size and prevent customer returns.

Freelance QC

We can audit your products in product to prevent or resolve any production or workline issues

We can provide a final AQL audit for you before before your goods leave the factory.

Small run production

We can provide very small run production for designer/makers

Our Student services include:

  • Private tuition for pattern cutting and garment construction instruction
  • Production of final collection garments according to university/college rules