Technical pack

A good Tech Pack should include:

Measurement Spec Sheet

  • Technical Drawing: front and back line drawing with the measurement details for the garment. Drawn by hand or computer
  • Measurement Chart: This will contain the various size measurements of the required item and POMs

Specification Sheet (commonly known as Spec) – It must include the following and will need to be be re-issued whenever amendments are made to the garment

  • Measurement Spec sheet
  • Material Details:  Swatches, Product code, Fibre content and supplier details.
  • Print or Embroidery Instructions:  Information regarding the type of print/embroidery on the product, its size and its placement
  • Stitch Instructions:  In reference to stitch type, thread to be used and stitch length
  • Care Instructions:  In reference to wash finishes for items such as denim garments
  • Accessory Instructions:  Trim details – Fastenings required with product codes, Fibre content and supplier details.
  • Label Instructions:  Placement details for brand logo labels and care labels.
  • Comments Section: Used by the factory to make a note of anything related to the product construction.

•A pattern – A professional pattern of the garment with all relevant information included on it


It can also contain:

A Sample garment – if you have had a sample garment made in the final fabric you can provide the factory with it for reference when the are costing production. Alternatively you may be having the factory make you final sample in which case you should provide:

•Reference materials – images referencing finishes and details that you would like on your products

•Samples of special finishes and techniques

Packaging information – How are the products packaged, in cellophane bags or boxes?