Workshops & Courses

We offer term time evening courses and shorter workshops as well as our Sewing Bees and private tuition so you can choose what suits you best.

At Centre Front Studio you can:

  • Expect to learn new things in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our studio.

  • Gain knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks taught by experts.

  • Have productive creative time spent working and learning in a friendly and well equipped studio space.

Beginners Workshops and Courses

These workshops & courses are suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to refresh old skills


Evening Workshop

Buttons &
Button Holes 

Evening Workshop

These are non accredited level 3 courses.

Intermediate Workshops & Courses

Are you ready to progress with your sewing? These courses are for you. Each subject is 10 weeks long with a 1/2 term break.

Shirts & Shirt Dresses

10 week course

Trousers & Jeans

10 week course

Silks & Sheers

coming soon

Overlocker Workshop

1/2 day workshop

Pattern Hack

2 part workshop

These are non accredited level 3 courses.

Advanced Courses

These courses are for home sewers who want to develop their skills to the next level but are finding that many courses available are just too basic for them.
There are 3 subjects over the year: each subject is 10 weeks long with a 1/2 term break and costs £150. You can do all one level or pick and choose your subjects across the levels.


Tailored Jacket

10 week course

Coats & Jackets


10 week course


Coming in 2018

10 week course


These are non accredited level 3 courses.

Pattern Cutting Courses

Learning to pattern cut will allow you to create you own patterns to fit as well as adapt commercial ones.

A good introduction is our pattern hack workshop which allows you to create a pattern from an existing garment without taking it apart or damaging in in any way – great  for you favourite items and vintage clothing.

These courses are level 2/3 and are only suitable for those who have at least a years worth of experience sewing clothes

The Skirt

10 week course

The Bodice

10 week course

The Trouser

10 week course

Pattern Hack

2 – 1/2 days workshop

Why non accredited?

All of our courses are non accredited. Over the last few years teaching accredited and non accredited courses we have found that many learners want to learn technical skills without lots of additional homework and irrelevant units.
With Centre Front Studio your learning is focused solely on developing your skills while enjoying the process.