PDF patterns made for sewing brands

We create PDF patterns for brands selling sewing patterns. PDF’s can be provided in any size needed, such as A0 copy shop size as well as tiled A4 or US letter size.

All PDF patterns can be completed with your logo and contain your pattern information such as how many pieces to cut grainlines etc. We can match the style of any current PDF patterns you sell from fonts through to the types of dashed or coloured lines you use for sizes.

You can choose whatever combination of services you need. One brand we work with creates their own patterns and samples, we then grade their final pattern inline with their size chart and provide an A0 and tiled A4 copy. For others we have provided a full service from making the pattern through to pdf pattern with illustrated instructions. Our experience in developing garments as well as 10 years of teaching sewing and pattern cutting gives us a full understanding of what pattern and construction information is needed for a range of experience levels from beginners to more advanced sewers

Our services can include any of the following:

  • Pattern cutting.
  • Sampling garment
  • Digitising paper or card pattern, alternatively if you have a digital pattern we can open Optitex .PDS files, plain .dxf files or .afdesign
  • Grading your finalised pattern – this can be done using your own specifications or standard grading increments based on your customer size chart.
  • Creation of PDF in any size such as A0 copy shop, Tiled A4, Tiled US Letter.
  • Measurements charts, Layplans, Technical drawings of final garmant
  • Pattern illustrations & written instructions.

Whether you create garment sewing patterns, craft patterns or accessory patterns we would love to work with you.