Sample making & sewing

Sampling is part of the creative process as well as the development process. While it can be one of the most expensive part of developing a pattern a well made final sample is worth investing in. Poorly made samples can effect your future sales and compromise production standards.

Initial samples or first fit (prototype) samples are for you to check that you are happy with the fit, style lines, construction methods and any other details. If there are only minor changes to the garment you can move onto a final sample or you may need to do a 2nd/3rd….sample.

Accurate drawings and deciding what construction methods you wish to use when developing your pattern can reduce the number of fit samples needed.

We can produce your fit/prototype samples, sales or photographic samples, and sealed samples for factory production.

As each design and garment is different we are unable to provide a price list for our sample services.  We can however provide you with an estimate based on your technical drawings and garment pattern or example garments. Our hourly rate is £25.