Fabric Know How – Shirting’s Part 17

Shirts are key fashion garments this season and for the winter season too. Interest in shirt making has increased accordingly with home makers keen to increase their skills,  In January we ran a shirt making course  and as always we included fabric knowledge module.  In today’s Fabric Friday we would … Read more

Fabric Know How – Twill Weave

A twill weave fabric has a diagonal weave. The diagonal wales are formed by the weaving pattern, which varies somewhat but always involves weft yarns crossing two or more warp yarns. 2:1 twill weave In successive rows the weft float will move in position by one warp yarn to the … Read more

Fabric Know How -Plain Weaves

There are many weaves, but the two most common are plain weave and twill weave. In this post we will look at 3 commonly used plain weaves. Plain Weaves A plain weave is the most common and tightest of basic weave structures in which the filling threads pass over and … Read more

Fabric Know How – Fibres

On Saturday 17th June we had our first fabric know how talk and swap at the studio. We have always included textile education in our classes – how can you select the right cloth for your design if you don’t understand what fibre the yarn is made from, the weight … Read more

Fabric Know How – Books

In the UK we seem to have lost a lot of our fabric knowledge, fabric sellers don’t always know what they are selling, degree courses complain that students don’t have a clue about fabrics yet there is no textile module I was lucky enough to study when we were still … Read more